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2020 North Texas SHRM Conference Speakers

Julie Burch Envision The Future. Change The Future. Be The Future. Becoming a Change Leader in the New World of Work

Change is happening at breakneck speed: the competition is tougher, the customer is more sophisticated, margins are shrinking, entire industries are disappearing, and everybody is downsizing—trying to do more with less. And as always, HR is leading the way. In this dynamic, highly interactive, and enlightening seminar Julie Burch will show you how to keep ahead of change, not just keep up. Julie will help you to see that change is a constant, so we MUST embrace it to succeed. In this dynamic, high energy, and highly interactive session the audience will get ideas and techniques to succeed at the change game and so much more! Julie will entertain them and educate them! They will leave with solid, real world techniques they can apply immediately to handle change like a pro!

The audience will learn: To Identify and Master the 3 Key Areas of Change Why Change is a Constant in Today’s Business Environment and How to Embrace it Master the 3 Areas Where You Have the Power in the Change Process

John Stephen Bobb-Semple - Reject Cancel Culture and Embrace Inclusion: Learn the Art of Building Bridges

The impact of 2020 on company culture will be felt for generations worldwide. The current pace of change is creating an opportunity for difficult conversations over the virtual water cooler. As leaders living in the tension between values and accountability, learning and progress, how do you overcome the challenges of too much and not enough? This session will discuss the power of empathy to building bridges through self reflection, proximity, and direct engagement. 

  • There is no change in shame
  • Bridges don't begin until there is a gap below them
  • Empathy does not require perfection; it requires humility, accountability and grace

Shannon McKain - Synchronicity: Connecting your Team for Optimal Results

In 2020 we have a plethora of artificial intelligence, data, and analytics yet still feel phenomenally disconnected in the workplace. How do we create better interoffice relationships and more relatable connections with our clients? In this keynote you will:

  • Learn effective methods on how to synchronize your team
  • Build better Emotional Intelligence
  • Develop leadership skills to lead a more productive department and connect with your ideal client

Ryan Kohler – HR: Victim, Villain, or Hero in the Talent Shortage Saga?

Successful companies succeed in hiring. Failures in hiring lead to failed companies. So as you seek to slay the beast that is the talent shortage, how is your HR team helping or hurting you? Are they playing a victim? Viewed as the villain? Or willing to become the hero? Join hiring expert Ryan Kohler as he teaches how HR can help OR hurt your company and the blueprint to heroically beat the talent shortage. 

Kirstie Settas-Jones – Delivering Value to the Modern Workforce: Realigning your Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Employees are your greatest asset. But do they feel that way? They will if your organization’s culture and wellbeing programs send that message. An integrated wellbeing strategy that makes employees feel good — even brag about — their employer, can significantly impact employee attraction and retention and, possibly, the business outcomes. Join us to review how to build a sustainable wellbeing strategy for your organization. During the session we will review:

  • What is an effective wellbeing program, and why it’s so important to have one that works for your specific organization
  • Realigning your approach to employee wellbeing so that it connects the physical, financial, emotional and social components with visible leadership support
  • The ways in which a good wellbeing program positively affects attraction, retention, engagement and productivity

Mallory Herrin More Than a Manager: Becoming a True Leader

Excellent management skills are great, but management skills and experience doesn’t automatically turn anyone into a true leader.  In this session, participants will begin their path to true leadership as they learn what it means to be a leader, the qualities of great and effective leaders, how to build credibility and trust with their teams, leadership styles, and leadership techniques.

Kathryn Orford – Recover from "screw ups" and turn them into "set ups" for future success.

We aren’t robots, we’re human beings, so it's inevitable that along the way you’re going to make mistakes.  How you respond in those moments  will have a massive impact on your emotional state,  your  productivity and your ability to move forward with confidence. 

In this Break Out Session you'll learn: 

  • How to take charge of your thoughts by re-programming your inner critic and negative self talk and turning it into a cheer squad. 
  • Why failing can be a good thing.
  • HOW TO RE-FRAME SCREW UPS.  (The meaning you give something has a massive impact on not only your emotional state but your ability to move forward with confidence and conviction.)

Mike Mirarchi – Reset the Clock: Replace the Liability with Credibility: Practical Employee Relations for HR Professionals 

Professionals will learn how to coach leaders to resolve a wide variety of policy violations and misconduct by employees fairly and professionally.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to coach your leaders in effective employee relations practices that minimize employer and personal liability
  • Scripted responses to use in sensitive employee relations situations
  • How to avoid senior managers saying to HR “You should have anticipated this” after an avoidable legal claim

Alice Dendinger – Trust as the Foundation for Organizational Culture

A maxim we've all heard is, “People do not leave a job--they leave a boss.” In reality, however, they leave an organizational culture that supports that bad boss. if employees in a workplace do not feel a sense of trust and belonging--which is, first and foremost, their leaders' responsibility--they will not stay. As stewards of a company's culture, leaders must ensure that employees are confident in the trust they place in that leadership and in each other. But just what does that kind of trust look like and how is it achieved? This session is for those who have a position of leadership or influence as a leader at any level. 

Julian Sado – ADAPTATION of Leadership: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Words do hurt and, in a physical way. In this seminar, Leaders will learn how employee communication and engagement are the key factors in retention, morale and overall company brand and production. This is not a typical session as you become consciously aware of the cultural-shift with career perception, the repetitive way we have managed the workforce, and why it needs to change with the new type of employee. You will receive a crash course on Neuroscience and NLP in a practical, interactive, and FUN way so that you may apply these new insights and strategies.

Alexis Knapp – Navigating New and Existing FMLA Challenges

This program will focus on some of the most significant challenges HR and business professionals face in managing the realities of FMLA-whether the organization uses a third party administrator, or does it all in-house. Topics will include medical certification and re-certification challenges, handling employees who do not cooperate with the FMLA process, common misstep employers make in managing FMLA, and more. 

Mike Coffey - The Business Case for Becoming a Second Chance Employer

Almost one in four American adults have been arrested or prosecuted for a criminal offense. While many of these are minor instances of little concern to employers, many employers are uncertain about whether to hire individuals with more serious offenses, potentially missing out on a reliable and available talent pool.  In this presentation, we will dive into the statistics and studies surrounding criminal offenses, recidivism, and employment as we review the benefits to businesses from considering and hiring qualified former offenders for positions. We will also review risk-evaluation and mitigation techniques employers can use in making fair and well-informed hiring decisions. 

Bob Cartwright – Translating Business Planning, Strategy & Performance Management into Business Excellence

The effective development and delivery of excellent products and services oftentimes starts with an aligned business strategy, a great game plan, effective leadership, and engaged employees. By attending this presentation, participants will be provided key information on how to execute effective business strategy, business planning, operational and business performance measurement, and performance management processes that can be utilized to execute smart business goals and key initiatives. In addition, participants will learn how these strategies can lead their organizations to business excellence.

April Callis-Birchmeier PMP, CCMP - READY, Set, Change!

READY, Set, Change! provides a framework which compliments traditional organizational change initiatives with an intense focus on advanced preparation and integrated support.  Discover a simpler and faster approach to help individuals and organizations understand and adopt change, to ensure business objectives are met. The insights shared during this interactive and engaging session will be reinforced through a free copy of the READY, Set, Change! Stakeholder Assessment.

Bruce Waller - Level and Create more Influence as a LeadHR

Grow your influence and grow as a Leader in a virtual world of workThe world has changed since COVID-19 arrived.. Many people are now working differently, working from home, and don’t feel as connected as they have prior to this pandemic. Welcome to the new world of work. In the past, many HR professionals have been so busy helping other professionals they haven't invested time in their own leadership development. Now is the time to work on you… work on your leadership and most importantly your influence in the workplace… INFLUENCE is defined as “a person or thing with the capacity or power to have an effect on someone or something.” We want to have an effect on positive change and it takes influence to make this happen. We can level up our influence in several ways such as volunteer leadership, social media engagement and team member investment to just name a few. However, it all starts with making the decision to level up or get better every day. It’s time to develop ourselves to create more influence and make bigger impact in the workplace. There is nothing new under the sun, but there are strategies we can use in a purposeful way to “level up” our leadership influence and accelerate as a LeadHR in the Leadership Lane!

Penny Miller - Winning the War for Profit: Developing Leaders Where it Really Matters

If you could improve the profitability of your organization by 48%, would you invest the time and money to make it happen? Of course, you would. Properly selecting, training, and supporting your front-line supervisors is an investment that pays off. In this presentation, we’ll explore how to design a program to help our supervisors be the kind of leaders that can develop an engaged workforce.  

Cory Yeager, Anthony Colantino, and Dan King (not pictured) - Data Driven Decision Making

Cory, Anthony, and Dan will be presenting on Data Driven Decision Making. Cory will discuss, The Value of Benchmarking, The Analytics & Health Plan Financial Management, and Vendor Solution. Questions he will cover in each area will be:

The Value of Benchmarking

  • Why is it important to perform bench-marking exercises for your Health & Benefits plan. 

The Analytics & Health Plan Financial Management

  • Why is it important to monitor the financial performance of a health plan?
  • Self-funded plans vs. Fully-Insured Plans
  • How can you monitor the financial performance of your health plan
  • Prerequisites for Enlightening Analysis (Stephen Few)
  • MMA's iCAF analytics

Vendor Solutions

  • Improving benefits literacy
  • Reducing healthcare spend through employee education
  • Driving engagement and participation

  Summer Jelinek - Technology, Change Management and the Guest Experience

What do the internet, the iPhone and MyMagic+ have in common?  Each has revolutionized the customer experience.  With technology changing at the speed of light, what makes some companies successful at rolling out new technologies?  Is it magic?  In this conversation, you will dive into change management utilized on the front lines of Disney and beyond and discover why some companies are successful and how their success continues to ripple through the Customer Experience…even today.

    • Learn why technology should not be the first answer to improving your Customer’s Experience
    • Learn why the most effective technology inspires customer buy-in
    • Understand the importance of having employees embrace new ideas during times of change

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